The Best Jewellery to Take on Holiday

The Best Jewellery to Take on Holiday

As you plan your holiday itinerary and put together a travel capsule wardrobe, a wave of questions spring to mind: What jewellery should you take on your holiday? What should stay behind? And how to keep jewellery safe when travelling?

With the right jewellery, you'll be able to elevate any holiday outfit so that it's suitable for whatever activities you have planned. Whether you prefer minimal chains, statement necklaces, or nature-inspired pendants; there are jewellery pieces to complement any style and destination.

As you choose the holiday outfits to go in your travel capsule wardrobe, don't forget to pack the jewellery! This post will help you decide what jewellery to pack, how to keep it safe, and the best pieces to style holiday outfits.

The Best Jewellery to Take on Holiday

Should you take jewellery on holiday?

Whether or not you take your jewellery on holiday depends on the nature of your trip and the value of your accessories. Travelling with valuable items can be risky. There's always a chance of them getting lost or damaged, and wearing expensive jewellery might potentially make you a target of theft.

If you're concerned about losing or damaging irreplaceable jewellery pieces, leave them at home. It's not worth the risk! Although having versatile accessories, like layered necklaces, stackable rings, and classic earrings, are great for making travel outfits more interesting. So it's always a good idea to pack a few jewellery essentials!

How do you keep jewellery safe on holiday?

If you do decide pack jewellery, taking a few extra precautions will ensure your items don't get lost or damaged. Nobody wants to experience that heart-sinking moment of realising a cherished jewellery piece has gone missing or been damaged during travel.

When it comes to keeping jewellery safe on holiday, make sure to follow the appropriate jewellery packing tips. When travelling, always keep jewellery stored in a travel storage box in your carry-on or in an in-room safe. Never pack jewellery in checked luggage as it's more likely to get lost, damaged, or stolen.

Once you've arrived at the destination, avoid leaving jewellery unattended in hotel rooms or public spaces. Use a travel storage box and make sure of the in-room safes provided by hotels. Whenever you're wearing your jewellery, follow these jewellery care tips to keep them safe.

The Best Jewellery to Take on Holiday

Jewellery to Take on Holiday

When it comes to deciding what jewellery to take on holiday, it all depends on the destination. But a small selection of highly versatile pieces works for every holiday imaginable—so if in doubt, pack minimal jewellery to wear everywhere! That way you'll get the most out of your limited travel capsule wardrobe. These are the best jewellery pieces to take on holiday.

Layering Chains

Barely-there necklaces are a wear-with-everything jewellery piece—even on holiday. These minimal chains can take an outfit from daytime casual to romantic evenings with easy styling. A delicate chain paired with a small pendant necklace or colourful gemstone will instantly elevate a holiday outfit without weighing you down.

Wear these minimal chains alone or layer with other necklaces, providing you with plenty of options from only a small selection of jewellery pieces—great for packing light! Don't forget to use a multi-clasp for necklace layering to keep chains free from tangles.

Mix and Match Earrings

Although chandelier earrings are a great statement piece that instantly elevate any look; having a selection of mix and match earrings to choose from is the failsafe choice when styling holiday outfits.

Make sure include a mix of earrings to cover all bases when travelling with jewellery. Simple studs and classic hoops are great for pairing with statement earrings to create a multitude of different looks.

Stackable Rings

If you want easy to style and even easier to wear jewellery, opt for stackable rings when packing for a holiday. They are one of the most versatile jewellery pieces with a multitude of ways to style them.

By packing a selection of unique styles, from simple bands to textured rings, you'll be able to create a variety of different ring stacks to complement any holiday outfit. It's the perfect jewellery that will elevate simple looks and keep a limited travel wardrobe feeling fresh.

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