How To Style: The Layered Necklace Detangler

How To Style The Layered Necklace Detangler

Layering necklaces never go out of style. But tangled chains are the worst. If you want to layer 2 or 3 necklaes at once without tangling, our multi-clasp necklace detanglers can help with that. Clip on, slide closed–no more tangles.  It's that easy.  Simple to use and easy to remove; you can even put on and take off the necklaces without unclipping all of the individual clasps. Perfect for keeping your jewellery safe in storage. Keep reading for a guide on how to wear multiple necklaces without tangling, how to use our multi-clasp necklace detangler to style layered necklaces.

How To Style The Layered Necklace Detangler

Choose Your Favourite Necklaces

Decide whether you want to layer two or three chains, and pick from our range of necklaces. Opt for chains of varying lengths. It's ideal to have at least a couple of inches difference for our multi-clasp detangler to work properly. We offer 16-inch and 18-inch chains for all our designs with the option of an extender chains for extra length. Can't decide the best necklaces to layer? We can help. Get in touch for style recommendations.

Connect The Clasps

Time to layer your necklaces. Take the clasp of the shortest necklace and conntect it to the top ring of the detangler. Use the clasp on the datangler to secure the other side of the necklace. Repeat the process with all your necklaces, making sure the shorter necklaces are on top and the longer necklaces are on the bottom.

How To Style The Layered Necklace Detangler

Layer Your Chains

Once all the necklaces are attached, slide the detangler open by gently pulling the ends. Hold the necklaces out in front of you. Make sure the necklaces are in the right order and facing the right way. Place the clasp around your neck, and slide closed to secure. You're all set!

Necklace Storage

No need to unclasp all your necklaces. You can store your layered chains on the multi-clasp. If you wear them every day, hang them on a necklace holder until next time. Otherwise it's best to store them individually in the padded box we sent your jewellery in.

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Written by Sophie Davies

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