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City Break: Birmingham

Birmingham, the "city of a thousand trades," is sprawling and diverse with independent street food and establishments, art galleries and museums. There's always somewhere to go and something new to see. We're proud to call Birmingham our home; in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter, our studio has carved out its own space in the historical district. We're so honoured to be part of the city. If you're looking for a city break adventure and don't know where to go, visit Birmingham. We've picked our favourite things to see, do, drink, and eat. Places To Visit Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: Home to Pre-Raphaelite art and the Staffordshire Hoard. Birmingham Botanical Gardens: Explore the beautiful gardens and greenhouses. The Jewellery...

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Summer Styling: 5 Tips For Wearing Jewellery In Summer

City-breaks, weekends away, and month long vacations; whatever you're doing this summer there's a high chance you're wondering how to dress for the heat. If jewellery is a staple of your wardrobe, no matter what season, here are our tips for wearing and caring for your jewellery during summer. 1 | Go Minimal There is a time and a place for making a statement and summer is not it; with the sticky heat, pool parties, and travel plans, keeping things minimal is the best option. You don't want to be fussing over chunky necklaces and bangles or trying to prise stacked rings off swollen fingers. Delicate minimalist jewellery always looks good and in summer it's essential. The simplest things are...

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Self-Care Activities That Won't Cost You A Penny

Self-care is crucial to our health and wellbeing. Taking care of yourself with a few simple self-care rituals will help you recover from a bad day and is the perfect way to invest in yourself to live a better life. Self-care can be a drain on both your time as well as your money; but you can practise self-care and incorporate these habits into your daily life without spending a penny, here's how: Write a gratitude list Set a few short and long term goals Practise meditation Do a yoga routine Go for a long walk or hike Create a meal plan for the week Take a Skillshare class Borrow books from the library Start a personal growth journal Print...

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Your Favourites, Back In Stock

You loved these so much they sold out.Now they're back. It's frustrating when you finally decide to pull the trigger and treat yourself only to find it's sold out. Waiting for that email notification telling you it's back in stock can sometimes feel like an eternity. We get it; we understand, it annoys us too. Some of our best selling jewellery pieces have been sold out for a little while now (sorry about that) but we're happy to announce your favourites have finally returned, phew. SHOP BACK IN STOCK

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Mix and Match Earrings

Get playful, break the rules. Shake up your style with our mix and match earrings. Deliberately mismatch your jewellery. Think: minimalist studs, diamond solitaires, fluid arcs, and geometric earrings; mismatched and asymmetrical with contrasting metals and shapes. It's a modern twist on the classic accessory. Create your perfect look with minimal earrings designed especially to be mismatched. Choose from our collection of tiny studs and geometric earrings to create endless combinations and subtle statements. Mix and Match shape. Mix and Match style. Mix and Match metals, shape, and style. Your style, your choice. SHOP MIX & MATCH EARRINGS

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