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Ethics & Sustainability

Responsibly-Made Jewellery
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Sustainable Minimal Jewellery Brand

What We Believe In

We believe our choices make a difference and our impact should be as minimal as possible. That's why we take a considered approach to everything we do.

Considered Jewellery Designs

Our suppliers provide us with responsibly-sourced metals including gold and sterling silver. We craft our jewellery obsessive attention to detail, making them strong yet delicate. Designed to be so versatile you'll wear your jewellery for years. They're made to last, season after season. Our materials are sustainable, our practices are ethical, and our quality is exceptional.

Responsible Practices

We make our minimal jewellery from our Jewellery Quarter studio in Birmingham, UK. Crafted in small batches to reduce waste. This allows us to cut out inflated mark-ups and pass those savings on to you. We've been working with small independent often family-owned suppliers for years. They share our values on craftsmanship and sustainability. This ensures our metals are responsibly-sourced, and the workers receive fair wages.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our choices make a difference. We only ever use responsibly-sourced metals and eco-friendly packaging. We send our jewellery in minimal packaging (without paper receipts) to reduce waste. We choose green options whenever possible meaning everything is plastic-free and recyclable. We strive to make your order as eco-conscious as possible. Even our suppliers provide our materials in biodegradable and compostable plastic-free packaging.

Honest Pricing

We don’t believe in inflated costs or cheap materials. We know fine jewellery doesn't have to cost a fortune. We craft our jewellery in the UK and sell from our studio in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. This means we've eliminated the costs of wholesale and retail mark-ups. There's no import expenses, middlemen costs, or designer inflation. So we can pass those savings onto you. Our prices are honest and fair, always.

Sustainable Minimal Jewellery Brand