A Capsule Jewellery Collection

Capsule Jewellery Collection

Fundamentals for your everyday style.

The capsule wardrobe is an extremely popular concept. Comprised of well-defined, high-quality pieces that bring you joy to wear, it’s a wardrobe full of everyday essentials that never go out of style. Why not apply that to your approach to your jewellery collection? A capsule collection of minimal jewellery essentials; each piece of jewellery designed to complement your style and complete your wardrobe.

Fine jewellery is an investment in quality and style; accessories that transcend seasonal style and fast fashion in favour of timeless elegant pieces to be worn all year round. Invest in versatile, minimal jewellery with clean lines and simple designs that can be worn everyday.

These are the jewellery staples we believe every woman should own.

The Family Heirloom

A necklace that was passed from daughter to daughter or the inherited wedding ring, these are the sentimental pieces that earn an automatic pass into the capsule jewellery collection. Keep them safe, wear them often, and cherish them always.

The Timeless Necklace

Timeless doesn’t always mean traditional. Classic shapes in modern styles make the perfect timeless addition to any capsule jewellery collection. Simple geometric shapes, sharp lines, and smooth curves; choose minimalist necklace designs with delicate chains to complement (and never overpower) your style.

The Everyday Studs

Put them in and never take them out, minimalist studs are the staple to every capsule jewellery collection. Simple in style and classic in design, tiny studs are understated yet remarkable, they never go out of fashion and they’ll always add the finishing touch to any outfit. You can opt for a pair of minimal studs or add a spark to your style with a pair of subtle diamond studs.

The Layering Pieces

The holy grail of versatility, layering pieces allow a capsule collection to shine with a bolder appearance. Layer necklaces, bracelets, and stacking rings; choose a variety of minimal shapes and mix metals to play with style, texture, and shape.

Capsule Jewellery Collection

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