Who Made My Jewellery?

Who Made My Jewellery?

Fashion Revolution is a global movement sparked by the devastating Rana Plaza building collapse on 24th April 2013 in Bangladesh. 1,138 people died. 2,500 people were injured. It was the fourth largest industrial disaster in history.

Fashion Revolution Week is a week long discussion of the ethics of fashion, demanding for more transparency and calling for a fairer, safer, and cleaner industry. People and the environment are suffering as a result of the way fashion is produced, sourced, and consumed. The majority of people who make clothes for the global market live in poverty, unable to afford basic necessities.

Fashion Revolution challenges the disconnect between production and purchase. Customers are encouraged to ask brands: “who made my clothes?” But what about our accessories? Our bags? Our shoes? Our makeup? Our jewellery?

Who Made My Jewellery? Who Made My Jewellery?

Who Made Your Jewellery?

It all started with a simple idea: fine minimal jewellery at a fair price. I set-up OMCH in 2012 because I was frustrated by the lack of high quality minimal jewellery available at an affordable price. I wanted to create versatile jewellery that wasn’t led by trends or the fashion industry’s seasons, made from fine metals that meant the jewellery could be worn every day and cherished for years.

OMCH is a small, independent, online-only brand. While I might call on others for help occasionally, almost everything from designing, sourcing, and making the jewellery to packaging up orders and running the website and social media accounts is all done by me. I like to keep things personal and maintain an honest approach; I strive to be as transparent as possible.

When customers ask OMCH “who made my jewellery?
it’s an answer I'm proud of.

It’s crucial all our jewellery is consciously made and conflict free and that couldn’t be more important than with our diamond jewellery range. The effects of diamond production is devastating. Mined diamonds are an unethical choice since there is no way to guarantee they have been ethically sourced. When I was creating our range of diamond jewellery, it was important that neither quality not ethics were compromised. We use simulated gems that are optically flawless, extremely durable, and visually identical to diamonds - without the price tag.

We believe less is more, trends aren’t to be followed,
and nice jewellery shouldn’t cost a fortune.

Small scale production is at the very heart of OMCH. All our jewellery is made in the UK and sold directly to you, from our studio. In traditional retail, jewellery can be marked up by 300% Our zero mark-up policy means you aren't paying for inflated markups that cover storefronts, middlemen, or designer labels. It means our jewellery and our prices are simple, transparent, and fair.

I know how important ethical sourcing is for our customers. Over the years, I’ve built strong relationships with our suppliers and I’m constantly striving to be more transparent and responsible in the way we do business at OMCH. Our metal suppliers are carefully selected and all of them provide Fairtrade materials. We choose to use environmentally-friendly packaging options; everything from the cardboard boxes to the thank you cards are made from recycled and recyclable materials. I’m always looking for ways I can minimise the impact that both myself and the business have on the planet.

Who Made My Jewellery?

Minimalist jewellery designed to be
worn every day and cherished for years.

OMCH embodies the ‘less is more’ attitude to style. All our jewellery is thoughtfully crafted with obsessive attention, and specifically designed to be worn every day and cherished for years. It’s not trend-led or season-dependent. You can wear OMCH jewellery from workday to weekend; every day and on special occasions. Our materials are sustainable, our practices are ethical, and our quality is exceptional. By supporting independent makers and buying jewellery from businesses who are willing to be transparent, you can part of a movement that is demanding change from the fashion industry.

If you have any questions for me, get in touch. I’d love to hear from you. info@ohmyclumsyheart.com

With love,

Creator + Designer of OMCH

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