Tangle-Free Jewellery Packing Tips

Tangle-Free Jewellery Packing Tips

No matter what your travel plans are or what's on your summer bucket list, you'll want a travel wardrobe to match. Packing is the hardest part. You might be questioning what jewellery you should take and how to pack them so they don't get lost or damaged.

If you're looking for style inspiration for your next vacation; take a look at these travel packing lists and capsule wardrobes. You'll also find travel guides to help plan your next holiday or weekend away. Keep reading to learn the best tips on how to pack jewellery when travelling. We've also shared the best jewellery to travel with from matching sets to statement jewellery.

Tangle-Free Jewellery Packing Tips

What Jewellery To Pack For A Holiday

Pack a few of your essential jewellery pieces. Just enough to keep things interesting but not too much. The more jewellery you take on holiday, the more chance of something being lost, tangled, or even damaged.

If you prefer minimal jewellery; keep things simple with a couple of your favourite necklaces, a pair of earrings, and a few stacking rings. If you enjoy layering jewellery and matching sets, or statement jewellery; having a capsule jewellery collection is a better option.

A vacation is a good opportunity to have fun with your jewellery. Whatever accessories you pack for your holiday, choose jewellery you can mix and match so that they go with every outfit you wear.

When it comes to jewellery you can wear every day with anything, opt for small hoops or stud earrings, stacking rings, and layering necklaces. Add a couple of statement necklaces into the mix and you'll be able to dress up even the most basic travel outfits.

Tangle-Free Jewellery Packing Tips

How To Pack Jewellery

These are the best DIY jewellery travel hacks. These tips will help prevent your jewellery from getting tangled or being damaged while travelling. You can also use them for storage at your holiday location to prevent items from getting lost. Remember to use a necklace detangler when layering necklaces to keep them tangle-free.

DIY Jewellery Roll Towel

You can create a DIY jewellery wrap from towel. Take a small hand towel and lay it flat. Place each item on the towel leaving a few centimeters between them. Then roll the towel up and secure each end with either hair ties or elastic bands to prevent the wrap from unrolling. This works best with necklaces but if you use a flannel, you can use this same method for smaller jewellery items.

Straw Jewellery Storage

Run your necklace through a straw and then fasten the clasp. It will help prevent the chain from tangling without taking up too much space in your luggage. This is the ideal solution for delicate minimal jewellery, rather than large irregularly shaped pieces. Although statement necklaces can still be stored this way

Jewellery Storage Box

Pill cases make excellent storage for your jewellery as they're so small and have separate sections. You can place each item into the pill compartments. This will keep them separate and prevent tangles. They'll also be perfectly organised. If you don't have a pill case, you can make a jewellery storage box using a miniature box or tin. Creating dividers out of card.

Card Earrings Holder

This earrings holder can be made using any spare card you have to hand. Depending on how much pairs of earrings you're packing; cut the card to the right size. Punch holes into the card either with a hole punch or a utensil, like a skewer or chopstick. Insert your earrings and you've created a safe place to store them during travel. Place them in a small pouch or pair of socks in case any backs come loose in transit.

Tangle-Free Jewellery Packing Tips

Button Earrings Holder

We've all got a few spare buttons leftover from the clothes in our wardrobes. These make excellent earring holders when travelling. Simply insert the earrings through the buttonholes and secure with the backs. Don't forget to store these in a jewellery pouch or pair of socks to prevent losing them during your travels.

Safety Pin Ring Holder

Another really easy jewellery travel hack is to use a safety pin for storing rings. Simply thread each ring onto the needle of the safety pin, and then secure it. Since safety pins come in different sizes, you can choose a smaller or bigger one depending on how many rings you want to pack. To keep your rings safe when travelling, pin the safety pin to the inside of your luggage.

Carabiner Ring Holder

For something a little sturdier than a safety pin, try a carabiner. It works in the same way, allowing you to store your rings safely on it until you get to your destination. This can be looped through any strap inside your luggage to keep it from getting lost. A small carabiner is still quite chunky but it's arguably more secure than using a safety pin.

Jewellery Storage Case

For small jewellery items, like rings and earrings, that you may have used the above methods to store them. You can create easy DIY jewellery storage to keep them safe when travelling. Take a glasses case and place all your rings or earrings that are fixed onto buttons, cards, or pins. Place them inside the case with a soft cloth or tissue paper.

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