Why Handmade Craft Markets Are The Best Places To Shop For Gifts

Why Handmade Craft Markets Are The Best Places To Shop For Gifts

There's a lot of power in where we choose to spend our money. A single purchase from a small business can make a big difference. Not only are you buying products handmade with love and thoughtful gifts; your purchase goes towards supporting independent makers and the local economy. There are many reasons for supporting small businesses, and why handmade markets are the best places to shop for gifts.

Buying handmade gifts from small independent makers offers many benefits that simply cannot be matched by big brands. While large businesses have the ability to offer free next day delivery options and Black Friday sales, what they don't have is thoughtfully-made unique gifts and exceptional customer service.

Visiting craft markets is one of the many ways you can help support small businesses. They're important because they help designer-makers connect with their customers in-person, and grow their business online. It's also a useful way for you to find handmade gifts and discover independent designer-makers. Something that can be tricky to do online.

Why Handmade Craft Markets Are The Best Places To Shop For Gifts

Handmade Products Are More Sustainable

Making small batch handmade products produces less waste than large-scale manufacturing. As the products are made by an individual or small team, waste can be kept to a minimum and production can be more eco-friendly.

Small businesses generally tend to be more eco-conscious. Reducing their environmental impact saves money and reduces waste. You'll find many independent makers use recyclable packaging made from recycled materials, and carbon neutral delivery to deliver products.

Handmade Gifts Are Thoughtful and Meaningful

Independent makers and small businesses tend to make their products in small batches. As a result, each handmade gift is unique with makers' products being unlike anything you'll find in big chain stores. You're buying something that wasn't mass-produced, but by the hands of someone who loves their craft.

When you buy a handmade product, you're buying a product that has been made with a lot of attention to detail. If you're buying it as a gift, you know you're buying a loved one something original and unique that has a lot of meaning.

Why Handmade Craft Markets Are The Best Places To Shop For Gifts

Small Businesses Give Better Service

Anyone who has ever made a purchase from a small business or independent maker will tell you how great their service is. Typically very small businesses are run by a small team of people or a single individual. As a result, they take customer service very seriously.

Most big businesses won't offer customisable products or personalised service. They're often a nightmare to talk to when resolving issues with products too. This is where small businesses are the best. At craft fairs and handmade markets, you can speak directly to the designer-makers.

Buying Handmade Support the Local Economy

The majority of the money you spend on a handmade product goes directly to the designer, maker, or artist who made them. You're directly helping an individual to grow their business, further their craft, and create more handmade products. This directly supports the maker's local economy and contributes to the country's economy too.

The revenue and sales tax generated by your purchases not only helps to support independent designer-makers but also helps improve infrastructure and local public works through revenue and sales tax. It encourages community growth by providing jobs for people who then invest money back into the community.

Why Handmade Craft Markets Are The Best Places To Shop For Gifts

Buying Handmade Keeps Traditional Skills and Crafts Alive

Many people exclusively shop from big chains and well-known brands. As a result traditional skills and crafts are suffering. When you visit craft markets and buy handmade products, you're helping to ensure the continuation of these crafts.

By purchasing handmade products and gifts, you're showing there is a demand for small-scale production of specialist goods. The designer-makers making handmade products are able to continue their craft due to your support, keeping their traditional skills alive.

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Written by Sophie Davies

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