The Unboxing Experience


There’s something thrilling about ordering an item online. The anticipation of delivery followed by the slow unwrapping of a beautifully designed box once it arrives; glossy promo cards fanning to the floor as the custom-coloured tissue paper billows out of the packaging to reveal your purchase.

We know every purchase you make is special. Curated with intention and awaited with bated breath, it’s a moment to be enjoyed and savoured. The unboxing experience is important to us too.

We love the big reveal as much as you do but there’s an ugly problem with pretty packaging. With each plastic-wrapped purchase bound with tape, stickers, and glossy postcards that lands on our doorsteps, there’s an awful lot of waste.

Unboxing Unboxing

We keep our packaging simple for a reason. We know the unboxing experience is just as special when it’s kept minimal and understated. All our packaging is made from environmentally-friendly and recycled materials; from the box to the thank you cards, we’ve chosen the most sustainable option available to us.

All our jewellery arrives in a luxury eco-friendly gift box, nestled in acid-free recycled tissue paper, sent alongside a thank you note made from recycled card, and packaged up in a study unbleached cardboard box to be delivered straight to your door. Chosen to protect it during delivery and delight you on arrival.

Every time you receive our jewellery it’s a special and exciting experience; each little package is wrapped by hand and sent with love.


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