How to Style Jewellery With Knitwear

How to Style Jewellery With Knitwear

Jewellery and knitwear isn't an ideal combo. Necklaces often get swallowed by chunky sweaters and hidden by high necklines. While statement earrings and stacked rings risk getting snagged on oversized textured knits.

But there is a way to style jewellery with knitwear. A well-chosen selection of layered necklaces or mix and matched earrings can really make an autumn outfit shine. It's all about knowing which pieces to wear to get the balance right.

If you're determined to continue layering jewellery throughout autumn and winter—as you should be!—we've got all the best tips for styling jewellery with knitwear.

How to Style Jewellery With Knitwear

What kind of jewellery to wear in autumn?

When it comes to dressing for the season, Autumn inspires a shift towards warm, earthy tones that reflect the changing colours and cooler temperatures.

The best kind of jewellery to wear in autumn reflects the natural colours seen in nature. Bright gemstone necklaces in yellow, green, or red amd delicate jewellery like studs, hoops, or minimal chains are all perfect choices for autumn.

How do you wear jewellery with a sweater?

To crack the perfect jewellery and sweater combination, match the neckline to the chain length. Follow this simple rule: the higher the neckline, the longer the chain.

Chunky sweaters can handle layered chains and statement jewellery. For v-necks, a single pendant necklace or layered chains works best. Choose colours that standout and sturdy designs that won't easily snag on knitwear fabric.

No matter what combination you go for, always use a necklace detangler when layering chains to prevent tangles—especially useful when styling jewellery with knitwear!

What kind of necklace to wear with cardigan?

When styling jewellery with knitwear, always match the chain length to the neckline. Deep necklines can handle a combination of layered chains and statement necklaces. While higher necklines require shorter chains and delicate necklaces.

Button-up cardigans with high necklines are best paired with chunky chokers or short chains. A crewneck cardigan is best suited to shorter chains, worn alone or layered with minimal necklaces. While low V-necks can handle a bolder look with layered chains and statement necklaces.

Whether styling jewellery with a cardigan or sweater, if the knitwear features a bold pattern or heavy texture; it's always best to choose simple jewellery to avoid overwhelming the outfit.

How to Style Jewellery With Knitwear

How To Style Jewellery With Knitwear

Use a Necklace Detangler

The biggest problem when styling jewellery with knitwear is avoiding tangles that can lead to snapped chains. Necklaces can easily get caught on chunky knits and before you know it your favourite jewellery is ruined.

When layering necklaces always use a necklace detangler. This multi-row layering clasp will keep chains separate, preventing them from tangling together and reducing the chance of snagging. Here's how to use a necklace detangler for layering necklaces.

By using a necklace detangler, your jewellery will be able to handle all the knitwear you throw at them! If you do end up with tangled chains, don't panic! Here's how to untangle a necklace the easy way.

Match Chain Length to Neckline

Jewellery has a tough time making an impact when competing with chunky knits and oversized sweaters. If you want your jewellery to standout, you'll need to learn how to match chain lengths to necklines to prevent them getting lost in folds of fabric.

A good rule of thumb for choosing the right length necklace for knitwear is: the higher the neckline, the longer the chain—and vice versa. This will not only help the jewellery standout, it will help prevent tangles too.

A statement pendant—like the Heart Necklace—works well with both a turtleneck or plunging v-neck, whether layered or worn alone. While a fine chain—like the Rope Necklace—requires layering to work with a high neckline.

Layer Necklaces

Styling jewellery with knitwear requires a bolder look. A single necklace or minimal chain quickly gets lost among layers of knitwear so it's best to layer necklaces if you want your jewellery to standout.

If you prefer to wear a simple colour palette, consider bright gemstone jewellery and playful enamel pendants. They add a flash of colour that makes outfits look and feel more interesting during the colder months.

Try layering a textured chain with a minimal pendant—like the Box Necklace and Ball Necklace—alongside a fun enamel charm or brightly coloured crystal, such as the Smile Necklace or Citrine Necklace. On neutral knitwear with a neckline, this combination is a winner.

Pair Dainty Jewellery With Statement Pieces

Delicate chains will easily get lost amongst chunky sweaters and bulky layers. A way around this is to jumble together a mix of minimal pieces and colour pop jewellery for more interesting autumn outfits.

A fine chain—like the Satellite Necklace—needs some contrast against a heavy knit. But layered with a bold Ruby Crystal Necklace or seasonal Mushroom Necklace, it works perfectly.

Experiment with chain lengths and pendant styles to find the perfect combination for styling jewellery with knitwear. Our guide to finding the perfect length necklace will help.

Choose Smooth Settings

Jewellery with chunky designs and pointy edges will easily snag on knitwear, resulting in snags and potential breakage. A simple way to avoid this is to opt for jewellery with simple designs and smooth settings.

Barely-there chains, enamel charm jewellery, and natural gemstones are the perfect choice for easy-to-wear autumn jewellery. They pair well with all types of knitwear and won't snag easily if layered properly (with a necklace detangler!)

Don't shy away from stacking rings either. Simple bands with light textures and subtle details—like the Hammered Ring or Chevron Ring—can add interest to an outfit—without the risk of getting snagged on knitwear! Alternatively opt for a mix of simple studs or hoops, and threader earrings.

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