OMCH Winter Capsule Wardrobe

The Oh My Clumsy Heart Winter Capsule Wardrobe

OMCH Winter Capsule Wardrobe

A dive into our Winter capsule wardrobe. What we're wearing this seasons and the jewellery we're pairing with it. Capsule wardrobes help keep your wardrobe feeling fresh without having to buy all new clothes every time the weather changes. 

Take a closer look at our Winter style inspiration for ideas on how to style your Winter capsule wardrobe including this season's trending jewellery. If you need to update your jewellery options, you can create a jewellery capsule that will perfect your style, and save you money.

OMCH Winter Capsule Wardrobe


This season's jewellery trends focus on classic minimalism, which is what OMCH is all about. Paired down everyday jewellery you want to wear season after season. Pendant necklaces are taking center stage in Winter designs. Lucky charms and protective talismans are a favourite. Inspired by tales of folklore and imagination. We're seeing layering chains creating lots of sparkle, from necklaces and rings. Stacking to make a statement is key this season. When it comes to earrings, structural pieces worn alone for impact are a favourite.

Whatever you choose to wear this season; We're shared a breakdown of this year's Winter 2021 jewellery trends to refresh your wardrobe. Browse our Winter edit to shop this season's most popular jewellery.

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