The Rules Of Wearing Jewellery

The Rules Of Wearing Jewellery

The jewellery you choose to wear can either complement your look or ruin it. The most important thing to consider when selecting jewellery is your personality and style; however, following a few simple jewellery rules will help you pick the perfect accessories every time. These are our rules we recommend following when choosing what jewellery to wear:

Less Really Is More

Jewellery is designed to add the finishing touches to your outfit, wearing too much only distracts from your overall look. Whether you’re a minimalist or not, focusing on one or two areas of interest can make your choice of jewellery style look its best. If you’re stacking up on your rings, keep your bracelets to a minimum; when your ears are adorned with earrings, wear only one necklace if any. If you really want a bold look, make just one statement and choose subtle jewellery pieces to enhance it; this will avoid any pieces from clashing and won’t overwhelm your appearance with too many accessories.

It’s All About Proportions

When choosing jewellery, always think about proportions and consider how the pieces you’re wearing look as a whole. Select one statement piece and downplay the rest of your jewellery, layer up on minimal pieces, or keep things simple with a carefully chosen rings, studs, and necklaces. Multiple layers of bracelets or necklaces, and stacking rings can add interest to an outfit so long as you pay close attention to how each piece looks as a whole.

The Occasion Matters

While we don’t believe in outdated jewellery rules, we do believe the occasion still matters when picking your accessories. Too much jewellery can overshadow an outfit while picking the wrong pieces means they’ll go completely unnoticed. Statement pieces, bold jewellery, and too much layering should be avoided at the office, while diamonds, precious stones, and heirloom pieces are ideal for formal events. Minimal everyday jewellery, however, can be worn anywhere and everywhere; layer up pieces for a night out or strip them back for office-appropriate jewellery style. Create a capsule jewellery collection and you’ll be covered, no matter the occasion.

Don’t Be Scared to Mix and Match

The old rule of matching your jewellery no longer applies; your jewellery doesn’t need to match so don’t be scared to play with texture and material - or both. You can now wear any combination of metals you like, and playing with textured designs and different styles can refresh your outfit and create new looks. The best way to mix and match is to layer necklaces in both gold and silver, stack your rings, or wear mismatched earrings. Jewellery should be as much fun to choose as it is to wear so let your personality shine.

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The Rules Of Wearing Jewellery

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