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Self-Care and Confidence: How Your Wardrobe Can Empower You

Feeling empowered is all about confidence and style is a powerful tool to reflect that. Your style and the clothes you wear affects both your mood and your confidence. To feel beautiful, strong, and self-assured, you must wear clothes that empower you but there's no magic formula. You have to wear the clothes that are right for you. Here are some tips that can help boost your confidence, improve your mood, and raise your self-esteem through personal style. Be Your Own Best Friend Confidence and self-esteem comes from being your own best friend. Be your own best friend by wearing what you want, when you want. No more saving things "for best" or shying away from clothes because "they don't...

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Questions To Ask For a Year Of Intention

The beginning of a new year signifies a fresh start and presents us with the opportunity to reflect on the past 12 months, encouraging us to look forward with excitement. If you’re keen to learn from your experiences and consider how you can improve your life; these are the questions you should ask yourself to focus your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions, so that you can make the changes that enable you to take back control of your life. Life   · What is my attitude towards life?   · How has that affected my experiences?   · What lessons did I learn this year?   · Did my life philosophy, spirituality, or approach to life serve me well?  ...

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Small Acts Of Kindness To Brighten Someone's Day

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop Small acts of kindness can change a person's life. Helping someone might take up a little of your time but it has its advantages. Aside from making us feel good, it allows us to connect with other people and maybe even improve their life in some way. Being kind makes the world look and feel like a better place and, by showing a little kindness to others, you can encourage them to pass that kindness on. Today is World Kindness Day. Here are 45 tiny good deeds to brighten someone’s day. Be friendly to strangers Leave a big tip Share a book you’ve read Introduce two people...

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Stress Relief: 6 Ways To Destress

When you’re having a bad day and everything is getting on top of you it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. But there are simple ways to make coping with the situation a whole lot easier. Here are six ways to reduce stress, quickly and easily. 1 | Turn Off Your Phone As useful as your phone is it can easily become a source of anxiety and stress. Don’t let your notifications dictate how you spend your time. Remember to turn your phone off (or at least on silent) and disconnect regularly throughout the day to give yourself some peace and quiet from the buzzing, dinging, calling, and vibrating. Allow yourself a little space away from the constant cycle...

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Live Lagom: The Art Of Balanced Living

Lagom means: “just the right amount”. While hygge is about creating cosy moments; to “live lagom” is to achieve balanced living. It’s an approach to living life that strives to simplify and create focus that achieves a harmonious and balanced lifestyle. Want to achieve greater balance and wellbeing? Here are five ways you can practise lagom. 1 | Adjust Your Work/Life Balance Achieving a perfect work/life balance might be a myth but checking in with how you spend your time is crucial in making sure you’re not being overworked and you’re taking care of your body and mind. Consider how often you’re spending time on monotonous tasks vs how often you get to invest time in things you love. Adjusting...

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