Keep It Cosy: Spring Hygge

Keep It Cosy: Spring Hygge

Hygge (“heu-gah”)
The art of building sanctuary and community. A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment, well-being, connection and warmth.

Spring Clean

Take the opportunity to declutter your home, purge the excess, and simplify. Decluttering your space will dramatically influence your mental health and wellbeing, and spring is the perfect opportunity to do it. Follow The 5-Step Guide for Decluttering to successfully declutter your space and keep it that way.

Open The Windows

A blast of fresh spring air to blow away the stuffiness of winter can do you the world of good. Opening the windows and letting the spring air in feels like your home has been cleansed. Take a blanket, sit by the window, and listen to the birds' dawn chorus.

Adventure Locally

We often dream of distant places when there is adventure around every corner. Explore your local environment; go on a walk, take a road you've never been down before, visit local museums and galleries. Spring is all about new adventures.

Have A Picnic

Take advantage of crisp spring days by having a picnic. It doesn't need to be meticulously planned, grab your lunch and head outside or invite some friends. Eating outdoors is a simple pleasure enjoyed best on warm spring afternoons.

Pick A Bouquet

Bring the outside indoors by creating a bouquet from wild flowers to add a pop of colour to your home. A bunch of spring flowers adds a simple, natural and uncomplicated beauty to each room with their vibrant colours and peaceful fragrance.

Tend To Plants

Whether you have a garden, a flower bed, or a collection of indoor foliage; tending to plants in spring is a joyous pastime. There are significant health benefits to owning houseplants and these low maintenance plants are a good place to start. Watering your plants first thing in the morning gives you space to think and room to breathe.

Update Your Style

Spring is the season for soft hues, romantic silhouettes, and attention to detail. It's the ideal time to purge your wardrobe and update your style. Start a minimalist wardrobe and create a capsule jewellery collection to reinvigorate your style for the new season.

Grow Your Own Food

There's something so rewarding about growing your own food and it doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming. Even if space is limited and your fingers are not so green, sprouts are easy to grow and taste delicious in spring salads and side dishes. Give it a try.

Refresh Your Home

Switching to lighter bed linen, rearranging the furniture, and refreshing your space is a simple spring change that can have a huge impact. Giving your space a quick refresh resets life after a long, dark winter, and sets you up for a bright new season.

Light A Candle

Candlelight is good for all seasons; the flickering flame and crackling wick is perfect for cool spring evenings. Picking a fresh spring scent adds the finishing touch to your hygge home. We recommend Cocofour's Coconut + Vanilla Candle.

Enjoy The Sunshine

Getting outside and feeling the sun on your skin is one of the purest, simplest pleasures spring can bring. If you can, sit on your roof - it's where we like to go when the sun is shining - you can see for miles, and miles, and miles.

Keep It Cosy: Spring Hygge


  • Nabeela

    Love this! Always such a good read x

  • Traci

    Love these cute ideas! Hygge is everywhere lately, but it’s good to remember that it’s not just a winter trend for getting cozy when it’s cold out – it can carry over into the spring and summer months as well! :)

  • Laura

    Such a lovely post! It was a real pleasure to read and I love the photo!!!! <3
    -XX, Laura //

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