Layer Up: How To Layer Jewellery

How To Layer Jewellery

You don't need to wear bold jewellery to make a statement. Strategically layering minimal jewellery pieces can achieve the same result with little effort. It's all about length, shape, and attention to detail.

How To Layer Jewellery How To Layer Jewellery


Spacing is the key to successful layering. Choosing the right length necklaces will provide symmetry and create a simplistic clean style. Space your jewellery at least two inches apart; evenly spacing your chains will provide symmetry and a clean appearance.

The neckline of your outfit influences which necklaces will work best for your outfit. A 16-inch necklace paired with an 18-inch necklace is the ideal combination for delicate layers as these length chains work well for all necklines. Chains 20-inches or longer work best with collared shirts and high necklines allowing for a bolder style using larger pendants on longer chains.

Learn more about chain lengths and necklines in our size guide.

How To Layer Jewellery How To Layer Jewellery


There are endless pendant shapes to choose from but most of them can be grouped into two categories: drop charm jewellery and bar charm jewellery. Pendants change the style of layered necklaces and experimenting is the only way to find what works best for your style.

You could stick with the same style pendant or switch them up between drop and bar pendants, each choice will give a different look. Drop charm necklaces provide the illusion of elongation; bar charm necklaces give a blunt appearance. Mixing metals isn't out of the question, it's a subtle way of switching up your style.

How To Layer Jewellery How To Layer Jewellery


Whenever you layer jewellery you're in danger of tangling them. Snagging necklaces on each other or your clothing can result in snaps and breakages. Using a multi strand clasp will prevent your jewellery from tangles and knots during wear and storage.

Once you have found your perfect combination of necklaces to layer, you can attach them to a multi clasp and keep them there. The simple clasp makes it easy to wear, remove, and store the necklaces with the least amount of hassle.


How To Layer Jewellery

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