All You Need To Know: Gold Jewellery

All You Need To Know: Gold Jewellery

We know you know materials matter but identifying quality jewellery can be tricky. We are honest and transparent about the materials we use to craft our jewellery; quality and value is something we take pride in, which is why we want to explain all you need to know about solid, filled, and plated gold jewellery so you know exactly what you're buying.

What is the difference between plated, filled, and solid gold jewellery?

Gold plated jewellery usually has a cheap base metal like brass and contains less than 1% gold. Gold plated jewellery is very cheap to make, which is why most costume jewellery is made using it. Initially gold plated jewellery looks shiny and bright but after a few wears the top layer quickly dulls. The plating will fade, discolour, and flake or peel away leaving dirty coloured jewellery that turns your skin green.

Gold fill and vermeil must contain 5% or more gold by weight. Gold-filled jewellery is created using heat and pressure to fuse a layer of Karat gold to a base metal, the bond this process produces is permanent and produces the same physical characteristics as solid gold. All our gold jewellery is made from solid gold “filled” with sterling silver, we never use any other base metal.

Solid gold in its purest form is incredibly soft and easily scratched making it too weak and difficult to work with on its own. Alloys are created to make a more structurally sound metal to make jewellery from. Solid gold jewellery is expensive and often unobtainable because of the high price.

We value quality and value; we know materials matter. But we also know fine jewellery doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We make all our gold jewellery from gold-fill because it offers the same physical characteristics as solid gold but at a fraction of the cost. If taken care of, gold-fill jewellery won’t tarnish or fade, and can last a lifetime.

Is gold fill a good choice for jewellery?

Gold fill will not flake, peel, or turn your skin green like cheap metals do. Our gold-filled jewellery looks, feels, and wears like solid gold because it is gold. If you want jewellery you can cherish for decades, gold jewellery is the perfect choice.

What’s the best skin tone for gold jewellery?

Warm or neutral skin tones tend to suit gold jewellery the most but don’t let that stop you. No matter what skin tone you have, you’ll look great whatever jewellery you choose to wear.

All You Need To Know: Gold Jewellery

How do I store gold jewellery?

We recommend storing all your jewellery in its original box or in a polyethylene or mylar ziplock bag. This will reduce the amount of moisture in the air and prevent damage from condensation and reduce any chance of scratching the metal. Never leave your jewellery exposed to sunlight or stored in damp environments, this can cause irreversible damage such as tarnishing, discolouration, and corrosion. Make sure to fasten any chains before storing your jewellery, it will help prevent knots (which we all know are a nightmare to untangle).

How do I prevent damage to my gold jewellery?

There are many ways to accidentally damage your jewellery; remember the following tips to prevent permanent damage. Remove all jewellery when sleeping, working out, cooking, or cleaning; don’t shower or submerge your jewellery in water. Avoid wearing perfume around the area where your jewellery may rest and remove it completely when using household cleaning products. We suggest wiping your jewellery with a gentle cloth every time you take it off to remove perspiration and any the natural oils from your skin.

How do I clean gold jewellery?

Gold jewellery won’t naturally tarnish but the metal can look dull and temporarily lose its lustre from daily wear. Clean and polish your gold jewellery regularly to restore its shine. Use lukewarm water, mild soap, and a gentle cleaning cloth to clean your gold jewellery. If there is ingrained dirt, submerge your jewellery for a few minutes to loosen it. Avoid using any abrasive materials or brushes to clean the dirt off your jewellery, it can cause permanent scratches and scuffs on the metal. Make sure your jewellery is completely dry after cleaning to prevent any water stains forming.

How long will gold jewellery last?

Gold jewellery is as resilient as it is delicate. By caring for your jewellery properly and cleaning it regularly, you’ll be able to wear your gold jewellery for decades.


All You Need To Know: Gold Jewellery

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