Our Materials

Quality and value is something we take pride in,
which is why we only use high quality materials to craft our products.

Our Materials

We understand how important transparency and ethical sourcing is for our customers; over the years we've built strong relationships with our suppliers and we're constantly striving to be more transparent and responsible in the way we do business.

Our suppliers include Hockley Mint, Cooksongold, and Palmer Metals, who all provide Fairtrade metals; as well as working with independent metalsmiths to cast several of our designs. To craft our homewares we use 100% recycled cotton, FSC-certified wood, and vegan-friendly dyes. We choose environmentally friendly options for our packaging including unbleached cardboard boxes, acid free tissue paper, and jewellery boxes from Tiny Box Company.


Fine Minimal Jewellery


14K Gold Fill

We use gold-filled and vermeil to create our range of gold jewellery designs. Our gold-filled jewellery is made from solid gold and “filled” with sterling silver; our gold vermeil range is a combination of sterling silver coated with gold. Both of which offers the same physical characteristics as solid gold but at a fraction of the cost.

Electroplating is not part of this process; gold-filled jewellery is created by using heat and pressure to fuse a layer of Karat gold to a base metal, the bond this produces is permanent. Unlike plated jewellery, gold fill will not flake and the surface will not turn your fingers like cheap metals will. Our gold-filled jewellery looks and wears like solid gold because it is gold.

Sterling Silver

We use genuine 925 sterling silver for our silver jewellery designs and as the base metal for our gold-filled and vermeil pieces. 925 sterling silver is of 92.5% pure silver, which is alloyed with harder metals to improve durability.

Simulated Gems

The effects of diamond production is devastating and has worldwide repercussions making them an unethical choice for accessories. Since there is no way to guarantee a mined diamond is conflict-free or ethically sourced, we choose to use simulated diamonds in our jewellery.

Our simulated gems are created in a laboratory with a high level of clarity. Optically flawless, extremely durable, and visually identical to diamonds, simulated gems replicate mined diamonds both in style and quality but at a much more affordable price.

Any gold, silver, platinum or palladium jewellery that falls under the requirements of the Hallmarking Act 1973 will be independently tested and hallmarked. Oh My Clumsy Heart jewellery complies with the compulsory EEC regulations by making sure the total mass of nickel present in final pieces is under 0.05% For more information, please refer to The European Directive.

Handmade Homewares UK


All our homewares are handmade in our studio using high quality 100% recycled cotton supplied by another small independent business. The wood we use is grown in FSC environmentally friendly and managed forests, and the dye we use is vegan-friendly.

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