2021 Winter Jewellery Inspiration

Minimal Winter Jewellery Trends 2021

Winter can be a tough season to style jewellery. More layers means more thought has to go into what jewellery we wear and how we style it. Thankfully this season's jewellery trends return its focus to classic minimalism. Paired down everyday jewellery worn in new ways.

With Winter coming, you might be on the lookout for new ways to style your existing accessories, and inspiration on what jewellery to buy next. We've got you covered. Keep reading to discover the Winter 2021 jewellery trends, the pieces we recommend, and how to style them. We've put together a Winter Jewellery Edit if you need to make some new season purchases.

Minimal Winter Jewellery Trends 2021

Winter 2021 Jewellery Trend: Gold Necklaces

Gold jewellery is dominating this season with pendant necklaces taking precedent. We're seeing a favouritism for chunky, bold looks. If you want your jewellery essentials to stay relevant once the season is over; opt for layering different lengths together using our necklace detangler rather than buying statement pieces that will fall out of style. A classic gold necklace will always be a timeless purchase.

Minimal Winter Jewellery Trends 2021

Winter 2021 Jewellery Trend: Structural Earrings

Worn alone for a big impact. Structural earrings catch the eye and make a statement in a season where everything feels flat and boring. Go bold with our classic Arc Earrings or new Arc Chain Earrings. Wear alone in just one ear for dramatic style. Alternatively, follow the trend of mix and matching by stacking your favourite earring combo. We suggest our bar studs or everyday hoops to balance things out.

Minimal Winter Jewellery Trends 2021

Winter 2021 Jewellery Trend: Layering Chains

Chain links are a favourite this season. If you want to incorporate this season's on-trend jewellery style but make it timeless; we recommend opting for layering chains and stacking rooms. A timeless alternative to this season's trend without the disposable nature of fast fashion. It's your opportunity to show off your existing chain necklaces, and invest in a few more. Our layering chains are designed to be worn alone or stacked for drama. Build to last for the Winter season and beyond.

Minimal Winter Jewellery Trends 2021

Winter 2021 Jewellery Trend: Mismatched Earrings

An easy trend to follow with your existing jewellery. Mix and match earrings to create new combinations. Asymmetrical style is key this season; a way of upping the drama without going overboard. Don't think too much about it just wear whatever feels good. We like to combine our everyday studs and classic hoops with more structural earrings. The combinations are endless, and it's one time that more means better.

Minimal Winter Jewellery Trends 2021

Winter 2021 Jewellery Trend: Charm Necklaces

The most unique and captivating trend this season is charm jewellery. Inspired by tales of folklore and imagination, lucky charms and protective talismans are a favourite. Each one has a distinctly mystical appearance, bestowing your style with a little magic every day. Charm necklaces having been falling in and out of trend for years, and we can see why. Having a distinct jewellery piece to wear every day is something really special. Our favourites include the Hand Necklace, Eye Necklace, and Moon Necklace.

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Written by Sophie Davies

Sophie is a freelance writer and full-time jeweller. She has been writing about simple living and sustainability for over ten years; exploring simple living, sustainable style, and slow travel. She writes for a variety of brands and publications as well as her personal blog, A Considered Life.

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