Thanks, It's Sustainable

Sustainable Minimal Jewellery

Next time someone compliments your jewellery, you can say "thanks, it's sustainable!"

Since our beginning in 2012, being kind to the planet was a priority. We launched with a limited collection of minimal jewellery, handmade from responsibly-sourced fine metals. Each piece in our collection has been designed with thoughtfulness, handmade in small batches, and sold at a fair price. We've grown since then but our honest approach has never changed. This is how we make sustainable minimal jewellery you can wear for years.

Sustainable Minimal Jewellery

Fairly-Sourced Metals

The metals we use to make our jewellery are sourced from small independent family-owned suppliers. We've worked with these suppliers for years, and have established close relationships with them. They share our values on craftsmanship and sustainability. The metals we use are responsibly-sourced, and produced in a safe work environment with fair wages for workers. Learn more about the metals we use.

Sustainable Minimal Jewellery

Sustainably-Made Jewellery

All our jewellery is crafted in small batches to reduce waste, and sold direct from our Jewellery Quarter studio in Birmingham, UK. We've designed our jewellery to be minimal yet durable. So you can wear it all day, every day, for years to come. Selling direct to you from our studio allows us to cut out the inflated mark-ups from retail, wholesale, and online marketplaces. We pass those savings on to you making our handmade jewellery more affordable. Shop our range of sustainable minimal jewellery.

Plastic-Free Packaging

Plastic-Free Packaging

From our jewellery boxes made from recycled card right down to the recyclable paper tape we use to seal your delivery box; we use 100% plastic-free packaging to deliver your order. We're paperless too! With no unneccessary printed receipts being sent with your order. Minimal packaging means minimal waste, helping us to reduce the impact we have on the planet as an online business. We even request our suppliers deliver our metal orders in plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable packaging. Read about our eco-friendly packaging.

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Written by Sophie Davies

Sophie is a freelance writer and full-time jeweller. She has been writing about simple living and sustainability for over ten years; exploring simple living, sustainable style, and slow travel. She writes for a variety of brands and publications as well as her personal blog, A Considered Life.

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