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One Last Chance: Choose Your Price

Choose Your Price is back Since our beginning, we wanted to be the exception; offering fine minimal jewellery at a fair price. Due to our strong values and zero markups policy, it's rare we offer discount. We'd like to clear the decks and start work on some new jewellery designs, that's why we're bringing Choose Your Price back. Your Price. Your Choice. Occasionally we overstock some of our jewellery and others are simply discontinued. To make room for new designs we're letting you choose what you pay on a selection of products. 40% off just about covers our material costs but nothing else 30% off covers material costs and overheads 20% off means we can invest back into new designs...

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Keep It Cosy: Spring Hygge

Hygge (“heu-gah”)The art of building sanctuary and community. A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment, well-being, connection and warmth. Spring Clean Take the opportunity to declutter your home, purge the excess, and simplify. Decluttering your space will dramatically influence your mental health and wellbeing, and spring is the perfect opportunity to do it. Follow The 5-Step Guide for Decluttering to successfully declutter your space and keep it that way. Open The Windows A blast of fresh spring air to blow away the stuffiness of winter can do you the world of good. Opening the windows and letting the spring air in feels like your home has been cleansed. Take a blanket, sit by the...

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Live With Less: 13 Ways To Simplify Your Life

Every single day, simplify your life by removing something that does not serve you. It could be a piece of clothing, an unread book, or negative thoughts. Remove the excess. Simplify. 1 | Identify Your Priorities Identifying your priorities and what's most important to you in your life allows you to gain clarity; by eliminating unnecessary habits, stress, or commitments, you can simplify your life and make more time for your priorities. 2 | Adopt Minimalism The minimalist lifestyle is about eliminating the excess; it can help you to identify what you value the most so you can reduce the clutter, eliminate the noise, and live a happier life with less. Minimalism places the focus on happiness, self-care, and fulfillment....

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Free Shipping All Weekend

To celebrate the long weekend, we're offering free shipping on all orders. There are plenty of new arrivals to meet, the best sellers have been restocked, and an entire capsule jewellery collection to shop if you're in need of inspiration. Here's to a wonderful weekend! Free Shipping All WeekendEnter Code: GOODWEEKEND

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Layer Up: How To Layer Jewellery

You don't need to wear bold jewellery to make a statement. Strategically layering minimal jewellery pieces can achieve the same result with little effort. It's all about length, shape, and attention to detail. SPACING Spacing is the key to successful layering. Choosing the right length necklaces will provide symmetry and create a simplistic clean style. Space your jewellery at least two inches apart; evenly spacing your chains will provide symmetry and a clean appearance. The neckline of your outfit influences which necklaces will work best for your outfit. A 16-inch necklace paired with an 18-inch necklace is the ideal combination for delicate layers as these length chains work well for all necklines. Chains 20-inches or longer work best with collared...

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