Travelling With Jewellery: 5 Packing Tips

Travelling With Jewellery: 5 Packing Tips

Taking jewellery with you when you travel allows you to switch up your style without bringing half your wardrobe. Don't take too much: pack light. Leave your super valuable heirlooms at home and take only one or two of your favourite everyday jewellery pieces. The ones you simply cannot bear to be without.

When you've chosen which pieces you're travelling with, it's important to pack them appropriately to protect against damage. Storing jewellery pieces in your luggage is more likely to cause damage as they're jostled about during transit. Ideally wearing your jewellery during travel is the easiest way to keep it safe. If you'd rather travel minus your accessories, here are a few ways to safely transport it from A to B.

Travelling With Jewellery: 5 Packing Tips

1 | Jewellery Boxes

Storing your jewellery in their original box means chains won't get tangled and earrings lost so easily. They are designed especially for fine metals; the felt cushion will polish the chain as it rubs up against it and the hard exterior keeps it safe from damage.

2 | Cases, Tins, and Boxes

If you don't have the original jewellery box, use a hard case or tin instead. Empty mint tins or pill boxes make ideal containers for jewellery. If you want to store more than one piece, take a jewellery organiser. These cases have compartments for multiple items and will fully protect your jewellery.

3 | Ziplock Bags

The less glamorous option but useful nonetheless; polyethylene or mylar ziplock bags with all the air squeeze out will keep your jewellery safe and protect against environmental damage. It's a simple and compact way to store your jewellery but be careful you don't misplace it.

Travelling With Jewellery: 5 Packing Tips

4 | Jewellery Roll

Don't have any boxes, tins, case, or pouches on hand and you want to take multiple necklaces? Create a jewellery roll from a small towel and tie secure with hair bands. The fabric acts as a soft cushion and protects the chains from tangling by keeping them secure within the folds.

5 | Drawstring Pouches

If you're travelling with earrings or rings, drawstring pouches are a simple solution that keeps all your jewellery together in a convenient place. They're not suitable for necklaces though as the chains will become easily tangled. Don't own one? You can easily make a no-sew drawstring pouch.

Travelling With Jewellery: 5 Packing Tips

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Written by Sophie Davies

Sophie is a freelance writer and full-time jeweller. She has been writing about simple living and sustainability for over ten years; exploring simple living, sustainable style, and slow travel. She writes for a variety of brands and publications as well as her personal blog, A Considered Life.

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