The Best Necklaces for Layering in 2023

The Best Necklaces for Layering in 2023

Layering necklaces is one of the simplest ways to develop a personal jewellery style. By combining minimal chains, enamel charms, gemstones, and charms, you can create a necklace set that speaks volumes about your personality.

Although layering necklaces used to be for maximalists who want to lean into their boho style. There has been a shift towards more minimalist pairings with barely-there chains and simple pendants becoming more popular in recent years.

Knowing how to layer necklaces isn't always easy. It can take a few tries to find the perfection combination for every outfit. Chain length is the most important factor to avoid an awkward looking stack. But charms and pendants are important too. They need to be different enough to stand out yet still complement the overall look. Find a balance is keep—and so is a layering clasp to keep them all tangle-free!

The Best Necklaces for Layering in 2023

Luckily, Oh My Clumsy Heart has designed necklaces specifically for layering. Each one created to work as a foundational piece or a standout statement. So you can focus on creating the perfect combination for you, safe in the knowledge that whatever chain, pendant, or charm you choose will layer together in perfect harmony.

Whether you're looking for styling inspiration or new pieces to add to your collection, you'll find it here. Keeping scrolling to read our guide to the best layering necklaces to buy in 2023. We've picked the perfect chain combinations with a different style, colour, and price to suit everyone.

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The Best Necklaces for Layering in 2023

Classic Chains

These are the staple of any great necklace stack. An ultra-fine chain should always be the first layer foundation of any layering combination. These classic chains provide a subtle detail that enables the other necklaces to shine even brighter. These wear-with-everything chains are an everyday staple, whether layered or worn alone.

Coin Pendants

Whether it's a dainty ball, simple coin, or a detailed medallion, these pendant necklaces are a failsafe option for any necklace stack. They fit perfectly in the second or third spot, under a minimal chain, in between a statement necklace, or as the main show piece. Wherever these necklaces go, they always look great.

Colourful Gemstones

Best worn as the longest layer in a necklace stack, a colourful gemstone or raw crystal pendant makes the perfect statement piece that works with any combination of chains. As a main focal point these pendants really pack a punch, creating more versatility when creating a layered look.

Charm Pendants

Unlike coin pendants that blend in to compliment the minimalist style of a simple necklace stack, charm pendants are designed to stand out. They add character and personality to an otherwise plain collection of jewellery. Adding a playful enamel charms to any necklace stack will instantly make any outfit feel more fun to wear.

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Written by Sophie Davies

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