Summer Styling: 5 Tips For Wearing Jewellery In Summer

City-breaks, weekends away, and month long vacations; whatever you're doing this summer there's a high chance you're wondering how to dress for the heat. If jewellery is a staple of your wardrobe, no matter what season, here are our tips for wearing and caring for your jewellery during summer.

1 | Go Minimal

There is a time and a place for making a statement and summer is not it. With the sticky heat, pool parties, and travel plans; keeping things minimal is the best option. You don't want to be fussing over chunky necklaces and bangles or trying to prise stacked rings off swollen fingers. Delicate minimalist jewellery always looks good and in summer it's essential. The simplest things are often the prettiest.

2 | Invest In Quality

It goes without saying but investing in quality should always be top priority. Cheap jewellery made from plated brass or copper will not only flake and fade in the heat it's likely to irritate your skin too. Quality jewellery doesn't have to be expensive; sterling silver can be affordable and gold fill jewellery looks and wears like solid gold because it is gold just without the price tag. Pay attention to the materials your jewellery is made from and your skin (and style) will thank you for it.

3 | Avoid Stacking

Things get sweaty in summer and you'll find your fingers are more inclined to swell in the heat. If one or two rings aren't enough for you, opt for midi-rings instead and wear them sparingly. No one wants to be struggling to remove stacking rings from swollen fingers. We tend to touch our skin and clothes a lot more in summer meaning we're more likely to snag our jewellery on our hair and clothes. If you must double-up on your jewellery, use a multi-strand clasp to keep necklaces from tangling.

4 | Aim For Effortless

Everyone's style goal for summer is to look good and feel good with minimal effort. When it comes to jewellery, aim for effortless. Wear your hair up to get it out of your face and off your shoulders; it's the perfect opportunity to wear cute earrings like simple diamonds or tiny studs. Keep your style minimally effortless and staying comfortable in summer will be easy.

5 | Learn How To Care For Your Jewellery

There are countless ways you're ruining your jewellery without even realising it. Jewellery can only withstand so much. It's easy for necklaces to snag on clothing, for earrings to get lost, and rings to discolour if you forget to take them off during household chores. Learn to care for your jewellery properly and you'll avoid tears this summer. If you're going on vacation this summer, here are some tips for caring for your jewellery while travelling.

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Written by Sophie Davies

Sophie is a freelance writer and full-time jeweller. She has been writing about simple living and sustainability for over ten years; exploring simple living, sustainable style, and slow travel. She writes for a variety of brands and publications as well as her personal blog, A Considered Life.

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