Creative Ways To Reuse Packaging

Creative Ways To Reuse Packaging

When you place an order online, it's inevitable you'll end up with leftover packaging. While all our Oh My Clumsy Heart jewellery packaging is 100% plastic-free and made from recycled (and recyclable) materials; you might still be wondering what to do with it once you're unwrapped your new jewellery. To prevent it from going in the recycling bin, we've got some ideas on how to reuse and repurpose packaging.


The most obvious solution is to reuse your delivery boxes and packaging supplies to send a parcel of your own or even wrap a gift. Our sturdy cardboard delivery boxes and tissue paper padding can be saved for later, and reused when you next need to send something in the post or deliver a gift.


The cardboard box we send your order in is the ideal size for using in drawers or cupboards for keeping things organised. Loose wires, pins, sewing needles, and craft supplies can be kept together all neat and tidy. Even our luxury jewellery boxes make excellent storage for small trinkets, hair ties, and q-tips in bedroom drawers or bathroom cabinets.

Desk Organisers

If you have a messy desk, turn delivery boxes into desk organisers and drawer dividers. They'll help to keep everything stored neatly, either on your desk or in the drawers. Group similar items together and prevent them from getting mixed up. Our jewellery boxes will keep all those tiny office supplies, like paperclips and post-it notes, close to hand.

Creative Ways To Reuse Packaging

Festive Decorations

Save any wrapping or ribbon from your parcels to use as DIY festive decoratirons. Gift wrap can be turned into gift tags to attach to presents, while ribbon can be used in all sorts of ways. Tie them into bows and attach to your tree, or use for hanging ornaments and decorations.

Dog Toys

If you have a dog companion, turn your cardboard delivery box into a simple low waste dog toy. They make excellent enrichment puzzles. Put a few treats into a box filled with scrunched up tissue paper, then hide that box somewhere safe in your home. Encourage your dog to hunt it down, and figure out how to open it.


If you have a compost bin, the best place for your recyclables like cardboard and tissue paper, is in that bin. Shred the card or paper and scatter on the heap so it breaks down to feed your compost. Even our packaging tape can be thrown in as it's 100% paper!


Small cardboard boxes make excellent biodegradable seed pots. They're excellent for starting off seedlings, which can then be planted directly into the ground. The cardboard will naturally disintegrate without causing damage to the plant's root structure.

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Written by Sophie Davies

Sophie is a freelance writer and full-time jeweller. She has been writing about simple living and sustainability for over ten years; exploring simple living, sustainable style, and slow travel. She writes for a variety of brands and publications as well as her personal blog, A Considered Life.