Jewellery to Wear on a Beach Vacation

Jewellery to Wear on a Beach Vacation

Don't overlook beach jewellery when packing for your next vacation. The right accessories will help elevate your summer outfits and get the most out of your beach holiday travel capsule.

But if you're worried about wearing jewellery in the ocean, don't be! There's no need to leave behind your favourite accessories so long as you make sure whatever jewellery you pack can handle a sandy beach and a dip in the sea.

From layering chains to colourful gemstone jewellery to enamel charms; this is the best jewellery to wear on a beach—and what to avoid! As well as our beach-approved jewellery picks below.

What jewellery is safe to wear in water?

While most jewellery brands recommend not wearing your jewellery in the ocean, some jewellery is safe to wear in water—if you follow a few simple rules.

Solid gold, gold-filled, platinum, and sterling silver jewellery can all handle a dip in water providing it's not submerged for too long and it's dried thoroughly afterwards. Plated and brass jewellery should be removed as the water will erode the plating and cause a patina on brass.

Should I wear my jewellery in the ocean?

A quick dip in the ocean is unlikely to cause damage to solid gold, gold-filled, platinum, or sterling silver jewellery—just be sure to rinse the jewellery in fresh water and dry it thoroughly afterwards.

Exposure to saltwater or a chlorinated pool will erode most jewellery, if left submerged for too long or not properly cleaned after your swim. Follow these care tips to keep your jewellery looking its best!

Jewellery to Wear on a Beach Vacation

What kind of jewellery to wear on a beach vacation?

Whether you're travelling to distant shores or somewhere closer to home, these are the best jewellery pieces to pack for a beach holiday.

Delicate Jewellery

The best jewellery to wear to the beach is simple and easy to wear. Delicate jewellery can be worn all day every day with any outfit. It not only looks fantastic but helps minimise tan lines! So if you're planning outfits for your next vacation, make sure minimal jewellery is at the top of your packing list!

Layering Chains

Versatility is key for an effective travel wardrobe, and barely-there chains are the perfect choice for a beach holiday. They're lightweight, comfortable, and easy to layer meaning you can achieve a multitude of styles with just a few pieces.

Nautical-themed Charms

Embrace the coastal vibes with seashell necklaces, crab pendants, zodiac symbols, and other nautical-themed jewellery reminiscent of sandy shores and wild waves. These cute jewellery pieces make a statement when you don't want to go overboard.

Statement Earrings

If you plan on keeping your head above the water, opt for a pair of statement earrings or stacked studs. Having a standout pair of earrings can take an outfit from beachside to dinner date with minimal effort.

Enamel Pendants

A vacation is the ideal opportunity to get creative with your jewellery collection by incorporating a new playful element with colourful enamel necklaces. If enamel charms aren't your style, try raw crystal necklaces instead. Both add a summery component to vacation outfits, perfect for wearing to the beach.

Jewellery Storage

Keep your accessories safe while travelling with a travel jewellery storage box. The waterproof exterior and flannel lined interior will protect against water damage and prevent scratches. It's a must-have for jewellery loving travellers!

Jewellery to Wear on a Beach Vacation

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