Our Backstory

Our Backstory
Our Backstory   Our Backstory

It started with a simple idea: fine minimal jewellery at a fair price.

In the summer of 2012, frustrated by the jewellery industry and the lack of affordable, quality jewellery Sophie Davies built Oh My Clumsy Heart; by the new year, it had become her full time job and the studio was moved from Kent to the heart of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

Traditionally people have two choices when buying jewellery: expensive designer brands or cheap costume jewellery - we wanted to be the exception. Mindless consumerism and fast fashion has always bothered us. We don't believe jewellery should be worn once and discarded; we believe less is more and fine jewellery shouldn't cost a fortune.

Oh My Clumsy Heart was created for mindful consumers. Our jewellery is crafted with obsessive attention to detail with a focus on quality without compromise. We don’t believe trends are to be followed; we design our jewellery in timeless styles so you can wear them everyday regardless of the occasion, and cherish them for years.

Our Backstory
Our Backstory   Our Backstory

It's not just jewellery, it's a lifestyle.

Our deep rooted passion for quality craftsmanship, design, and minimal style grew into a mission for a simpler way of living and more honest way of doing business. We feel better knowing our jewellery is made ethically, responsibly, and fairly.

Oh My Clumsy Heart is an online-only brand, our jewellery is made in the UK and sold directly online. We work closely with our metal suppliers to source quality fine metals; we don't have to inflate our prices to cover storefronts, middlemen, or designer labels, that's why our jewellery doesn't cost a fortune.

Oh My Clumsy Heart hopes to inspire others to be mindful of their consumption, to carefully consider the items they bring into their lives and keep what they do own for years. This is why we create jewellery with a story to tell; beautifully crafted with obsessive attention to detail, made with love and thoughtfulness, and designed to last a lifetime.

Our Backstory

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