What Is Enamel Jewellery — And Is It Eco-Friendly?

What Is Enamel Jewellery — And Is It Eco-Friendly?

Say goodbye to minimalist jewellery (for now), and say hello to eye-popping enamel pieces. It's time to embrace fun jewellery that adds a playful twist to your everyday wardrobe.

If you want a breather from the pared-down minimalist jewellery that has dominated in recent years, statement-making accessories are the way to go. Fun enamel pendants offer a cool, contemporary twist on fine jewellery with a hint of nostalgia, helping to elevate even the simplest of looks.

These playful keepsakes offer a chance to refresh your existing jewellery collection—without having to start from scratch or completely reinvent your personal style.

Keep reading to learn about enamel jewellery and what makes it such a popular choice, as well as how to care for your enamel pieces to keep them looking their best.

What Is Enamel Jewellery — And Is It Eco-Friendly?

What is Enamel Jewellery?

Enamel jewellery is a beautiful form of decorative jewellery that has been around for thousands of years. The earliest examples date back to ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Enamel jewellery became particularly popular during the Renaissance and continues to be a fashionable choice for several reasons.

Enamel is prized for its durability and versatility, as well as its vast design options. Enamel jewellery strikes the perfect balance between vintage nostalgia and modern style, making it a versatile choice that works for any outfit. Enamel jewellery is often very affordable with lots of variety making it an accessible choice for any wardrobe or budget.

How is Enamel Jewellery Made?

Enamel is made by fusing powdered glass to a metal surface at high temperatures then cooled to create a smooth and glossy finish. The scratch resistant enamel coating helps protect the underlying metal from tarnishing and corrosion, which can be used to create a wide range of styles and designs.

High temperatures lead to the enamel having more vibrant colours, while lower temperatures offer a more opaque, less vibrant appearance. Unfortunately, lighter coloured enamel fired in lower temperatures is more fragile, which is why enamel is most often found in bold colours.

What Is Enamel Jewellery — And Is It Eco-Friendly?

Is Enamel Jewellery Eco-Friendly?

Although enamel jewellery is beautiful and long-lasting, it does have an impact on the environment. Whether enamel jewellery is eco-friendly or not depends on the sourcing of materials and the manufacturing process, as well as the disposal of waste products.

Enamel is made from powdered glass and metal, which are natural and abundant resources. However, the mining and processing of these materials can have an environmental impact; and the production process often involves high-temperature firing and the use of chemicals.

Enamel jewellery can be eco-friendly if made with sustainable materials, produced using environmentally-friendly methods, and disposed of responsibly. These methods of crafting enamel jewellery will significantly reduce its environmental impact.

How to Care for Enamel Jewellery

Enamel jewellery is delicate yet durable. Knowing how to care for enamel jewellery correctly makes it easy to maintain its beauty and longevity.

Since enamel is essentially made from glass, it can be delicate and prone to chipping if its handled roughly. Just like metal, enamel will be impacted by heat, chemicals, and water.

Avoid exposing enamel jewellery to high temperatures, damp environments, cleaning detergents, or beauty products. Clean gently with a soft cloth to maintain its shine, and store it in a jewellery box to protect it against scratches.

Follow these eco-friendly jewellery care tips and you'll ensure your enamel jewellery stays beautiful and vibrant for years to come.

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