The Solitaire Range



Diamond Solitaire Jewellery

A Quintessential Classic

Consciously made and conflict free, we perfected the design of our solitaire range to be understated and enduring. The jewellery piece that effortlessly works with everything in your wardrobe; a classic "wear-with-everything" diamond everyone can afford.

Conflict Free

There is no way to guarantee a real diamond is conflict-free or ethically sourced; the effects of diamond production is devastating and has worldwide repercussions making them an unethical choice for accessories. The simulated diamonds used in our jewellery are 100% conflict-free.

Why Cubic Zirconia?

We chose to make our new solitaire range using cubic zirconia; optically flawless, extremely durable, and visually identical to diamonds, cubic zirconia shines just as bright without the price tag. These simulated gems are produced in a laboratory with a high level of clarity to replicate a diamond both in style and quality but at a much more affordable price.

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