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Travel Stress: 6 Tips for a Less Stressful Vacation

Traveling can be a relatively stressful experience especially if you're unprepared. Transport delays, increased security, and lost luggage can cause tension and emotional turmoil. Whether you've traveling abroad or having a staycation, the following tips can help make your travel plans a lot easier to handle. 1 | Take Care Of Your Body Before you travel make sure to get quality sleep, eat well, stay hydrated, take vitamins, and learn a few stress relieving techniques. Taking care of your body should be a priority especially when traveling, which can put a stain on your body and mind. Nothing is more stressful during travel than coming down with an illness right before the big day. Invest in self-care, take care of...

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City Break: Birmingham

Birmingham, the "city of a thousand trades," is sprawling and diverse with independent street food and establishments, art galleries and museums. There's always somewhere to go and something new to see. We're proud to call Birmingham our home; in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter, our studio has carved out its own space in the historical district. We're so honoured to be part of the city. If you're looking for a city break adventure and don't know where to go, visit Birmingham. We've picked our favourite things to see, do, drink, and eat. Places To Visit Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: Home to Pre-Raphaelite art and the Staffordshire Hoard. Birmingham Botanical Gardens: Explore the beautiful gardens and greenhouses. The Jewellery...

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How to Take a Self-Care Staycation

What is a "Staycation"? A staycation is a holiday spent in your home country or at home and includes day trips to local attractions. The idea is to become a tourist in your own country; breaking the usual daily routine and typical habits by spending your time making day trips and engaging in fun activities. Staycations have become super popular in the last few years; they are far less expensive than traditional holidays and eliminate a lot of the stress associated with travel. Choosing to "holiday at home" is a great way to break your regular daily routine without breaking the bank. The Ground Rules If you want to take a staycation there are a few ground rules you should...

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Travelling With Jewellery: 5 Packing Tips

Taking jewellery with you when you travel allows you to switch up your style without bringing half your wardrobe. Don't take too much: pack light. Leave your super valuable heirlooms at home and take only one or two of your favourite everyday jewellery pieces. The ones you simply cannot bear to be without. When you've chosen which pieces you're travelling with, it's important to pack them appropriately to protect against damage. Storing jewellery pieces in your luggage is more likely to cause damage as they're jostled about during transit. Ideally wearing your jewellery during travel is the easiest way to keep it safe. If you'd rather travel minus your accessories, here are a few ways to safely transport it from...

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The Jewellery Quarter

Our studio has made its home in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter, an area of Birmingham, England; the birthplace of pioneering industrial technology and the highest concentration of dedicated jewellers in Europe, where 40% of all the jewellery in the UK is made. We’re so honoured to be a part of its history. The Jewellery Quarter is a stunning place to live and work; a historical area with international significance and a “creative urban village” established by the community. From a Victorian Grade II listed building called the Spectacle Works, we design, create, package, and ship our jewellery worldwide.We love this place. Photographs by Jack Spicer Adams & Sophie Davies

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