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5 Mistakes That Can Accidentally Ruin Your Jewellery

Mistakes are made, it’s easily done. When you own something as precious as a piece of jewellery you want to take care of it properly to prevent nasty accidents. A few mistakes are commonly made when owning jewellery. We're giving you a little advice on what not to do with yours. Mistake #1 | Never Taking Jewellery Off When you find a piece of jewellery you adore it quickly becomes part of your daily outfit; when jewellery is so comfortable and effortless to wear it’s tempting to put it on and never take it off. If you never take your jewellery off it’s likely you wear it when showering, doing the housework, cooking, sleeping, and all those other countless daily...

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Layer Up: How To Layer Jewellery

You don't need to wear bold jewellery to make a statement. Strategically layering minimal jewellery pieces can achieve the same result with little effort. It's all about length, shape, and attention to detail. SPACING Spacing is the key to successful layering. Choosing the right length necklaces will provide symmetry and create a simplistic clean style. Space your jewellery at least two inches apart; evenly spacing your chains will provide symmetry and a clean appearance. The neckline of your outfit influences which necklaces will work best for your outfit. A 16-inch necklace paired with an 18-inch necklace is the ideal combination for delicate layers as these length chains work well for all necklines. Chains 20-inches or longer work best with collared...

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Minimal Geometric Jewellery

Who said minimalism has to be boring? Bold designs are great for making a statement but if you're looking for style to outlast the seasonal trends, minimal geometric jewellery is the key to making a statement without being over the top. It's all about using those smooth lines and sharp edges to create a striking appearance. A few jewellery pieces - an every occasion necklace, a simple pair of earrings, a delicate bracelet and a subtle ring - add beautiful accents to your daily style without complicating it. Minimal geometric jewellery easily becomes your go-to choice because it stands the test of time and never goes out of style. Jewellery is an essential building block of any minimalist wardrobe; accessories are what...

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A Capsule Jewellery Collection

Fundamentals for your everyday style. The capsule wardrobe is an extremely popular concept. Comprised of well-defined, high-quality pieces that bring you joy to wear, it’s a wardrobe full of everyday essentials that never go out of style. Why not apply that to your approach to your jewellery collection? A capsule collection of minimal jewellery essentials; each piece of jewellery designed to complement your style and complete your wardrobe. Fine jewellery is an investment in quality and style; accessories that transcend seasonal style and fast fashion in favour of timeless elegant pieces to be worn all year round. Invest in versatile, minimal jewellery with clean lines and simple designs that can be worn everyday. These are the jewellery staples we believe...

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How to Choose the Right Necklace Length

Choosing the right size necklace to pair with your neckline can be tricky, we get it; if you're unsure about which length to go for, we've created a simple guide including a size chart and easy instructions for measuring, to make finding the perfect fit a whole lot easier. Standard Necklace Lengths Necklaces are sold in standard lengths typically ranging from 14 to 40 inches and the clasp is generally not included in the measurement.  Below are the most common sizes, their fit, and the necklines they pair well with.   Length Fit Neckline Choker: 16 inches Base of the neck Almost all necklines especially off the shoulder, crew, and boat necklines. Princess: 18 inches On the collarbone This is the most popular...

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