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Simplify Your Style: Why You Should and How You Can

The average woman owns £500 in clothing that she has never worn. Don't be the average woman. Our relationship with fashion is unsustainable. Fast fashion brands encourage us to buy frequently and discard quickly. The industry relies on mass production methods, which produces cheap clothing, and trend-led style, which quickly looks dated. The minimalist approach to fashion is about choosing well, buying less, and rejecting trend-led style. Simplifying your wardrobe means more space, less money spent, stress-free mornings, increased productivity, more compliments and endless confidence. Sounds good, right? Simplifying your wardrobe means purchasing fewer items of higher quality. The result is you'll look better, feel more confident, and develop a unique sense of personal style. The goal of simplifying your...

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Timeless Fashion That Never Goes Out Of Style

After years of buying cheap meaningless clothing there is now a shift towards timeless style that never goes out of fashion. People are re-considering the way they shop, placing importance on quality items over quantity and asking for more transparency from the brands who make them. Fast fashion encourages us to buy frequently and discard quickly. The trend-led style of seasonal releases means clothes become dated after just a few wears. “Seasonless” is the new timeless. There’s a new demand for greater versatility with fashion being less influenced by the seasons; people want more sustainable and more meaningful style. It’s about buying less, choosing well, and making things last. Want your style to be timeless? These are the items to...

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5 Street Style Jewellery Trends To Copy

We don’t believe fashion trends are to be followed. Street style is all about individualism and that’s something we can get behind. Put a new spin on your personal style by borrowing from these street style jewellery trends that will never go out of fashion. 1 | Mystic Symbols Wear geometric shapes and cosmic symbols like enchanting talismans with Illuminati-esque references. The sacred geometry of shapes hides the secret of an intriguing mystery. Simple symbols hold significant meanings about the Self, eternity, and protection. These subtle shapes add a hint of toughness to your everyday style; it’s the key to making a statement without being over the time. Shop minimalist geometric jewellery to add a striking edge to your daily...

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What To Wear To London Fashion Week

Our guide on what to wear and how to style jewellery for London Fashion Week. Show Your Style Style is a show-and-tell experience; jewellery is a very personal accessory and a strong symbol of self-expression. The jewellery you choose to wear is a reflection of your style spirit. Some women prefer to stack up their rings and layer up on necklaces, while others want to wear delicate studs and simple bracelets. Whatever your preference is, the art of accessorising is always about adding joy to your outfit; don’t forget to have fun with it and show your style. Minimise To Maximise If you want to wear armfuls of bangles, stack up on rings, or layer your necklaces; loading up on...

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Mixing Metals With Jewellery

There are a lot of fashion rules and mixing metals is one of the oldest debates. What was once a major fashion faux pas to be frowned upon is now an acceptable style choice. If the pieces are minimal and the design aesthetic clean, mixing gold and silver jewellery can look effortlessly beautiful.  If you want to adopt a more modern outlook on pairing your jewellery, here are some tips for mixing metals. 1 | Ignore Hardware Don't attempt to match your jewellery to your hardware. The hardware on your clothing and accessories (zippers, buckles, and hinges) will all vary; forget about trying to match it to your jewellery. When you're mixing your metals, none of it has to match or if...

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