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Self-Care and Confidence: How Your Wardrobe Can Empower You

Feeling empowered is all about confidence and style is a powerful tool to reflect that. Your style and the clothes you wear affects both your mood and your confidence. To feel beautiful, strong, and self-assured, you must wear clothes that empower you but there's no magic formula. You have to wear the clothes that are right for you. Here are some tips that can help boost your confidence, improve your mood, and raise your self-esteem through personal style. Be Your Own Best Friend Confidence and self-esteem comes from being your own best friend. Be your own best friend by wearing what you want, when you want. No more saving things "for best" or shying away from clothes because "they don't...

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Styling Minimal Jewellery

Styling minimal jewellery can look chic but it isn’t always simple. Minimalist style doesn’t have to mean boring and basic; it’s about paying attention to the small details and letting the jewellery speak for itself. Accessories play a huge role in minimalist style and can completely transform an outfit from basic to extra. Here are our tips for styling minimal jewellery. Define Your Style Is your jewellery style classic or contemporary? Modern and minimal? Bold and trend-led? Do you prefer statement pieces or understated delicate jewellery? Defining your style with help create a jewellery capsule wardrobe where each piece complements your style and completes your wardrobe. Knowing your style is the first step to finding jewellery you’ll want to wear...

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Stack Your Rings in Style

Minimal rings are the ultimate accessible keepsake. Simple, versatile, and easy-to-wear, delicate stacking rings can become an integral part of your daily outfit; how you choose to wear them says a lot about your personal style. Whether you like to keep things minimal or stack them up, there’s a mix-and-match method to suit everyone. Want to stack your rings in style and look effortlessly put together? Follow our guide to building the perfect ring stack with our favourite stacking tips: Have A Focus Choosing a focus or a theme will help you create a cohesive look and provide the foundation of your ring stack. Whether you decide to stack gold rings, silver rings, or a mix of both, you’ll also...

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A Beginner's Guide To Minimal Jewellery

If you want to invest in a jewellery wardrobe you can wear every day and cherish for years; it's all about opting for minimalist jewellery in classic styles and timeless designs. Here's our beginner's guide to minimal jewellery from the essentials to styling your new pieces. Invest In The Essentials These 5 wear-everyday, have-forever jewellery pieces will take you from day to night, work to weekend, and are the must-haves for your capsule jewellery collection. Investing in these jewellery essentials means you can buy them now and wear them forever; these classics will never go out of style.   · Tiny Studs   · Diamond Necklace   · Skinny Stacking Rings   · Statement Necklace   · Multi-Clasp Find The...

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What To Wear On Christmas Day

Christmas is packed with early mornings, family reunions, big dinners, and late nights. There are plenty of chances to dress up over the festive season, and there’s no better excuse than Christmas Day itself. No matter what your festive traditions are, this guide will help style your outfits from day to night. Christmas Morning The excitement of Christmas morning can be a little overwhelming but there’s no rush to get ready. Christmas mornings are supposed to be deliciously self-indulgent and it’s perfectly acceptable to make an appearance in comfortable loungewear instead of rushing to get ready. Just make sure when you do make an appearance you do so in classic pyjamas (or equally fresh sleepwear) with matching dressing gown and...

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