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The 5-Piece French Wardrobe For Autumn / Winter

'The 5-Piece French Wardrobe' is classic, simple and effortless; it makes getting dressed exciting rather than a chore. Adopting this capsule wardrobe method and stocking your wardrobe with key pieces will help you achieve an undeniably cool style, no matter what you're doing or where you going. It all starts with simplifying your existing wardrobe and then investing in high quality and versatile key basics. These basics are stylish enough they can be worn on special occasions as well as comfortable and easy to wear you won't want to 'save them for best'. The result is a capsule wardrobe that empowers you; you'll look better, feel more confident, and develop a unique sense of personal style. If you're looking to...

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Minimal Jewellery That Goes With Everything

Jewellery is the finishing touch to your outfit and the ultimate compliment to your personal style. These minimal jewellery accessories are simple yet distinct; ultra feminine in style and modern in design, they will work with everything in your wardrobe - from workday to weekend. Whether you’re looking for a pair of studs, stacking rings, delicate necklaces, or classic diamonds, we have the key pieces worth investing in for your jewellery wardrobe. Diamond Studs Small in size, large in impact. Diamond studs are the ultimate jewellery essential. Everything you need to know about diamonds. Everyday Ring Whether it’s a simple band or a diamond ring, it’s the jewellery piece you never take off. Find the perfect ring size. Delicate Necklace...

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The Rules Of Wearing Jewellery

The jewellery you choose to wear can either complement your look or ruin it. The most important thing to consider when selecting jewellery is your personality and style; however, following a few simple jewellery rules will help you pick the perfect accessories every time. These are our rules we recommend following when choosing what jewellery to wear: Less Really Is More Jewellery is designed to add the finishing touches to your outfit, wearing too much only distracts from your overall look. Whether you’re a minimalist or not, focusing on one or two areas of interest can make your choice of jewellery style look its best. If you’re stacking up on your rings, keep your bracelets to a minimum; when your...

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The Perfect Stack

Minimal stacksthat make a big statement. SHOP JEWELLERY Simple yet bold. Wear mismatched earrings for effortless style. SHOP EARRINGS Subtle yet eye catching. Stack up your rings for a bold look. SHOP RINGS Pin This Post:

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Summer Is Earrings Season

Save the layers for winter; summer is for about keeping style lightweight and minimal.  From tiny studs to statement arcs, we've got you covered for this season's must-have summer jewellery. Stud earrings may be small but they're far from boring; because of their versatility, studs will always be one of our favourite jewellery pieces. They're the perfect accessory for mixing up your look on the daily. Low-key and easy to wear, these minimal studs will go wherever you go this summer. Stock up on your favourites so you can wear them various ways. Looking for something with a little more attitude? Try the Arc Earrings. Minimal with a punchy style that will complete your summer look. Ditch the trends and...

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