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All You Need To Know: Silver Jewellery

Quality and value is something we take pride in. We want to ensure you can wear your jewellery for years to come, which is why we only use high quality fine metals to craft our jewellery. In the spirit of transparency, we wanted to tell you all there is to know about sterling silver. What is the difference between pure silver, sterling silver, and silver plated jewellery? Silver plating is the process of bonding a thin layer of silver to a base metal usually copper, brass, or nickel. The layer of silver used in this bonding process is very thin and therefore inexpensive to make and buy. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver making it more expensive than plated items...

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What's "Zero Markups"?

“Zero markups” has become a popular buzzword, but what does it mean and why does it matter? A markup is the ratio between the cost of goods or services and its selling price. Every business has to make a profit but in traditional retail, jewellery is marked up 300% before it reaches you, the customer. Our story started with a simple idea: fine minimal jewellery at a fair price. We don’t believe in inflated costs or cheap materials; we know fine jewellery doesn't have to cost a fortune. We’re an online-only brand for a reason. We work directly with our metal suppliers and sell our jewellery directly to you from our studio. It means we can strip back the markups...

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