Simple Ways To Care For Your Jewellery

Simple Ways To Care For Your Jewellery

If you love your jewellery, you want to take care of it. Here is our guide to caring for your jewellery including some basic yet essential rules. Don't want to accidentally ruin your jewellery? Read this.

Put It On Last

It's really easy to catch and snag your jewellery when getting dressed. If you want to make sure you never accidentally damage your jewellery, make sure it's always the last item you put on and the first one you remove. It's not just clothes that should be put on before jewellery; if you wear perfume or use hair and beauty products, put these on before your jewellery to avoid damage.

Wear With Care

With lightweight minimal jewellery that's so effortless to wear it's easy to forget it's even there. Getting chains tangled on your clothing, in your hair, or caught on other accessories can be easily done. Remind yourself of the jewellery you're wearing and take care not to snag chains or lose earring backs by accidentally knocking or catching them.

Take It Off

We like to encourage you to wear your jewellery as often as possible but there are a few occasions where wearing it is a bad idea. Take off your jewellery when you're swimming or bathing, if you're exercising, cooking, or cleaning. Leaving your jewellery in wet or damp environments, in direct sunlight, or exposing it to household chemicals or perfume can cause irreparable damage. Taking your jewellery off is a simple solution that will prevent any accidental damage.

Store It Separately

Storing your jewellery correctly is just as important as looking after it while it's being worn. Your jewellery should be stored away from direct sunlight and damp conditions to prevent corrosion. Keep your jewellery in a soft-lined box when you're not wearing it and take care to fasten any clasps so items don't get tangled. Sterling silver naturally tarnishes, to slow this process down keep your silver jewellery stored in a ziplock bag.

Clean It Gently

Wearing your jewellery regularly helps to naturally clean it as it brushes against your clothes but a more thorough clean is necessary on occasion to get rid of any build-up of dirt and natural oils. To clean your jewellery, use lukewarm water, a mild soap, and a gentle cleaning cloth. When cleaning, be careful not to rub or scrape your jewellery or over-handle it, and make sure all pieces are thoroughly dry before placing them in storage.

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Simple Ways To Care For Your Jewellery

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