Our Greatest Hits

Our Greatest Hits - Best Selling Jewellery

Best Sellers

Shop the designs that you can't stop buying
(and we can't stop talking about).

#1 Best Seller
Tiny Studs

These miniature stud earrings are an essential jewellery piece, designed to be worn all day.

#3 Best Seller
Bee Necklace

A delicate bee necklace to add a little charm to your outfit.

#5 Best Seller
Coin Necklace

A simple yet distinct piece, designed to be layered for impact or worn alone for uncomplicated style.

#7 Best Seller
Band Rings

The ultimate essential for any jewellery collection. Stack them up; never take them off.

#9 Best Seller
Circle Earrings

Classic earrings with refined style. The perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

#2 Best Seller
Circle Necklace

Meet your new wear-with-everything necklace; you won’t want to take it off.

#4 Best Seller
Arc Earrings

Simple minimalist earrings fluid in design with a delicate arc.

#6 Best Seller
Diamond Studs

They may be small in size but these tiny diamond studs are large in impact that add a subtle sparkle to your style.

#8 Best Seller
Triangle Necklace

Bring classic minimalism to your daily style with this versatile triangle necklace.

#10 Best Seller
Parallel Bar Rings

A classic minimalist double bar ring with clean lines, refined style, and a versatile fit.

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