Our 2023 Resolutions (and some big news!)

Our 2023 Resolutions

Last year I shared some sustainable new year resolutions based on what we'd be doing to reduce waste and maximise efficiency in the Oh My Clumsy Heart studio. These efforts would ensure that the studio can continue to make affordable eco-friendly jewellery where everything from metal scraps to packaging get reused and recycled so that nothing gets wasted.

2022 was a good year for Oh My Clumsy Heart. We won three awards for making sustainable jewellery and using eco-friendly packaging. Plus ticked off all our goals in terms of our new year resolutions. You can read a round-up of the year detailing all our successes. I hope your year was just as wonderful!

As 2023 begins, we've committed to new resolutions that will help the studio to grow while maintaining our focus on sustainability, fair pricing, and eco-friendly delivery.

Move Studios

Our big news is that we've moved studios! This happened a lot quicker than I had anticipated, and during the busiest time of the year. We're still in the Spectacle Works just in another, bigger studio. There's so much more space for photoshoots and filming. As well as potential events and workshops. We're still settling in but there will be a studio tour as soon as we've got things looking pretty.

Refresh Packaging

Some tweaks are happening to the Oh My Clumsy Heart packaging. It's difficult to make it more eco-friendly than it already is. We use plastic-free packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials, and implemented carbon neutral delivery last year. In 2023, I want to look into even better packaging options that feel more luxurious with minimal waste and no extra cost.

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Share On TikTok

I've been sharing my outfits over on my personal TikTok account: @imsophiedavies and for a while I was posting videos to the studio account: @omchofficial. In 2023 I want to make more jewellery styling videos, sharing behind the scenes at our studio as well as the jewellery we've been making.

Launch Jewellery Storage

This was planned for the new year but, just like the studio move, it happened sooner than expected. New jewellery storage was launched during the holiday season and sold out within days. Over the next year I want to work on perfecting and extending the range, making improvements to the designs so that we can provide premium jewellery storage at an affordable price.

Keep Making Affordable Jewellery

With the cost of living increasing, I'm aware that everyone's budget is about to get tighter. I don't believe that people should have to give up the little luxuries in life when money is limited. We all deserve nice things that help brighten our days and make us feel good. For me, that's jewellery. So in 2023, I'll continue to make affordable sustainable jewellery. That means a lot of hard work behind the scenes to keep prices consistent and fair without compromising on quality.

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Written by Sophie Davies

Sophie is a freelance writer and full-time jeweller. She has been writing about simple living and sustainability for over ten years; exploring simple living, sustainable style, and slow travel. She writes for a variety of brands and publications as well as her personal blog, A Considered Life.

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