Happy Shipping: How We've Made Our Delivery Cheaper

Happy Shipping: How We've Made Our Shipping Cheaper

We know shipping costs are a pain point for everyone and yet another hurdle to jump over when making a purchase online. But it doesn’t have to be. Over the past few weeks we’ve been working on overhauling our shipping structure to find a better solution.

We’d love to offer free shipping but it’s an impossibility. Whenever you see free shipping offered one of two things are happening: either the business is eating the costs (and losing money) or (more likely) the cost of shipping is tacked onto the price of the product you’re buying. Neither method is sustainable or fair especially not for you, the customer.

So we chose to overhaul the way we ship your orders.

Happy Shipping: How We've Made Our Shipping Cheaper

More Options

We now offer Economy Shipping with all the benefits of standard shipping except cheaper. Throwing a new shipping method into the mix gives you more options when you checkout. Perhaps you’re not in a rush for your order or you’d simply prefer a cheaper option; we understand that having the choice of a slightly slower, cost-effective option with all the benefits of Standard Shipping can make all the difference to our customers. The trade-off is slightly (and we’re talking ever-so-slightly) slower delivery; instead of 1-2 working days you can expect your order to be at your door in 2-3 and you’re still able to track the delivery online. And, of course, Standard Shipping remains available for those of you who want your orders as soon as possible!

Happy Shipping: How We've Made Our Shipping Cheaper

Cheaper Delivery

During our shipping restructure we’ve not only given you more choices but made all our shipping options cheaper. How have we done this? We’ve eaten the costs. It’s as simple as that. For us, it’s important to make shipping as affordable as we can without losing any of the benefits of a tracked service. If we can slice a little off the cost without affecting delivery times or the perks of tracked shipping, we’re happy to do that for you.

Economy Shipping is £2.50 (tracked delivery within 2-3 working days) , Standard Shipping is now £3 (tracked delivery within 1-2 working days), and Next Day Delivery is £7.50. Standard International Delivery is now £4 with an Insured Option at £9.50.

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